Alphabetical Index of Names on Monuments in Langton's Old Non - Conformist Cemetery


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Baker Rose Bessie and Norman Charles.   Burt Henry and Ellen.   Hobbs Susan Mabel.
Ballam Robert and Gertrude.   Burt Joseph and Olive.   Hunt Harold.
Barrs Charles Albert and May.   Carver Robert Baden and Eva.   Hussey Maria.
Batter Henry John.   Chapman James and Rosanna Gertrude.   James William and Harriet.
Batter Mary Ann.   Chinchen Benny   Lander Albert Joseph and Eliza Ellen.
Beavis Frederick and Miriam.   Chinchen Frederick and Jane.   Lander Samuel James and Susanna (+Susanna).
Benfield Alfred George and Ethel May.   Chinchen George and Mary.   Lander Thomas Chinchen and Mary Ann.
Benfield Joseph and Frances.   Clench Elizabeth.   Lander Titus.
Benfield Seth and Sarah Short.   Cole Elizabeth.   Lander Tom.
Bennet John.   Coleman John Henry and Marie Louise.   Lewis Henry Thomas and Laura Edith.
Blackburn James Percy.   Congdon James and Mary Eliza.   Linge William and Emily.
Blake Henry David Morton and Mary Eliza.   Cooper Albert.   Lovell Benjamin and Fanny Jane.
Bower Albert and Annie.   Cooper Thomas and Margaret.   Lovell George and Kate.
Bower Albert and Flora Priscilla.   Corben Frank and Eleanor   Marsh Levi and Martha.
Bower Albert Frank.   Corben Michael and Mary Ann (+Fred, Edwin & Frances)   Marsh Louie.
Bower Alphaeus and Mercy Jane.   Cullen Henry Anthony and Mercy.   Marsh Oliver, Lottie and Ballard.
Bower Charles and Sarah Ann (+Fredk.Will., George & Albert).   Curtis Henry and Florence.   Marsh Reginald Henry and Bessie.
Bower Ernest and Eliza Jane (+ Rev. Eric and Marjorie).   Curtis William and Mary (+Frank and Jane).   Milsted Christopher.
Bower Frank and Jane (+Ewart).   Davis Florence.   Mintern Joseph and Jane.
Bower Fred and Mary Ellen.   Dyke Joseph and Edna.   Morris George and Martha.
Bower Frederick and Emma.   Edmonds John B and Susan (+Owen and Evan).   Murray John M and Elvira Frances.
Bower Henry Spencer and Charlotte (+Ada).   Edmunds Charles Chinchen and Edna.   Ottewell Mary Lois
Bower James Thorne and Ann.   Edmunds William & Mary   Painter Emanuel and Alice.
Bower Jessie Smith.   Elsey George.   Painter Reginald James.
Bower Job and Mary.   Ford Sheila Valerie.   Pearson Sheila Mary (+ John and Jenny Martin (née Pearson).
Bower John and Elizabeth (+Mary Ann and Eliza).   Gaen Maria (+John and Harry).   Phippard Thomas and Maria (+Charles, Annie & Maria Talbott).
Bower John and Sarah Chinchen (+Hilda May).   Gordon Harold Ellard and Grace Mary.   Phippard Thomas and Mary Ann.
Bower Michael and Ann (+Walter).   Goringe William and Martha Mary (+Elsie and William).   Sargent Ernest and Sarah.
Bower Raymond Morgan and Florence Jane.   Harden George Gillingham and Bessie.   Saunders Albert.
Bower Reginald Michael and Charlotte May.   Harden Herbert and Clara.   Saunders Thomas and Jane (+Elizabeth Clench).
Bower Reuben and Thirza.   Harden Walter and Eliza Best.   Smith Harry
Bower Seth and Ellen (+James).   Harden Walter John and Hilda.   Smith Samuel James and Jane.
Bower Tom.   Harding Albert James and Eleanor.   Squibb Drew.
Bower W W S, Susan, Frances and Ethel.   Harding Arthur William.   Syms Jane and Mary Ann Hyde.
Bower Walter G T and Edith Frances.   Harris John and Ellen.   Talbot Elizabeth.
Bridle Charles and Elizabeth Mary.   Hatchard Charles and Alice.   Thompson Samuel and Amy.
Bridle Harry and Eva.   Hatchard James and Ann.   Thorne Maria (+Annie, Eliza and Ethel).
Bridle James and Amelia.   Hendy John Thomas and Eliza Annie.   Turner Robert.
Brodie Blanche Frances.   Herbert Grace.   Vye Isaac and Susanna.
Brown George Charles and Kate.   Hibbs Elizabeth.   Wharton Henry Victor and Lilian Emily.
Brown William Smith and Mary.   Hobbs Maurice and Violet.   Williams Allan Pearse and Hilda May
Budden Frances.   Hobbs Stephen and Julia (+Hester).      
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