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Wiliam Barnes
Village Sign                   Charles Hayward                         His grandson Charlie Dean aged 11
  In addition to being the local smuggler he was also the Village Post Master, Mrs. Serrell's Major Domo and manager of her quarry at Dancing Ledge,and was for over thirty years Clerk to the Parish Council. It is little wonder that his is the only memorial to a parishoner in the Parish Church.

He stored casks of brandy in the ceiling and the roof of the Middle Church which was built in 1829 but which had to be pulled down in 1874 as unsafe because the weight in the rafters had pushed the side walls out of the perpendicular.
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  Charles Hayward's Memorial in the Parish Church


The story has come down to us in the diary of the smuggler’s grandson who was used as a lookout.An illustrated booklet entitled ‘A Langton Smuggler’ which records all the details is published by the Society.    

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