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"A History of the Church in Langton Matravers"
with a guide to the present Parish Church of St. George.

An account of the history of Churches in Langton from the Mediaeval Priory to the present day building.  How was the Middle Church involved with smuggling and an ace smuggler of Langton?    Written by R. J. Saville.

               Published 1999                                                              A5  24pp   £2.50 plus  postage and packing rate A
"Monuments in Langton Matravers Churchyard"

Details of the monuments in the churchyard of St. George's Parish Church of Langton Matravers. In each case there is a photograph and the inscription has been set out as it appears on the stone. There is a plan to show locations.
Family histories are included where details are known.   Transcribed and annotated by R. J. Saville

                                                                                                    A5  47pp   £3.50 plus  postage and packing rate A

"Monuments in the Old Anglican Cemetery at Langton Matravers"

There are 350 known graves and 240 monuments in the Anglican sector of this cemetery, which was in use from 1870 until 1963.  This book contains a complete index of all names appearing on the monuments, plans to show location of each grave, a photograph of each existing stone with the inscription and a family history in almost every case.  

For an alphabetical list of Family names in this book click here
        A5 comb bound 164pp                                       £7.50 plus  postage and packing rate B

"Monuments in the Old Non-Conformist Cemetery at Langton Matravers"   

A companion volume to the above dealing with the northern section of the Cemetery used for Non-Conformist burials.  

   For an alphabetical list of Family names in this book click here.    

          A5 comb bound 76pp                                                              £6.00 plus  postage and packing rate B

"Rector Lester's Sermon against Mrs. Serrell's Schism 1878"

The "Great Schism", as it came to be called locally, was a rift between Manor House and Rectory, and between two rival schools.  Here is the account of its origins, and a transcript of the sermon preached against the division and published as a booklet by the Rector of the time. A fascinating look back at village politics of the 19th. Century with illustrations of the protagonists.  A good story.

        A5  16pp                                                                                              £2.00 plus postage and packing rate A
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