Local History and Folklore
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"The Mautravers Family"

How the village  acquired its name. A history of the family from 1066 to 1365.

     Published August 2002                                                                          A5   21pp  £2 plus postage and packing rate A

 "A Langton Quarryman's Apprentice"
James Corben's Autobiography

This autobiography  was written by James Corben in 1880 when he was 68 years old.  The entire work is very lengthy and only the parts relevant to the Isle of Purbeck have been extracted here.  The appalling conditions of employment in the quarries are very well described.

        Published 1996                                                                       A5  24pp  £2.50 plus postage and packing rate A
"A Langton Smuggler"

The story of Charles Hayward (1796 - 1879), Churchwarden, Postmaster, Quarry owner, and ace Smuggler. Illustrated. 

         Published 2001                                                                      A5  16pp  £2.00 plus postage and packing Rate A
"Rector Lester's Sermon against Mrs. Serrell's Schism 1878"

The "Great Schism", as it came to be called locally, was a rift between Manor House and Rectory, and between two rival schools.  Here is the account of its origins, and a transcript of the sermon preached against the division and published as a booklet by the Rector of the time. A fascinating look back at village politics of the 19th. Century with illustrations of the protagonists.  A good story.

A5  16pp  £2.00 plus postage and packing

"The Evolution of a Farm"

by M. C. Helfer

The history of the development of Knitson Farm
17 pages with maps and photographs                                                       Price £2.00 plus postage and packing rate A

"A Short History of Langton Matravers Parish Council"

The first Parish Council of Langton Matravers was elected in 1894. The Election was by a show of hands at a Parish Meeting convened especially for the purpose. This book by Reg Saville is mainly based on the Parish Council records from then until 2004.

                    A5 Comb bound  140 pages                     Price £7.00 plus postage and packing rate B

"Langton in Some 16th. Century Documents"

Inventory of Church goods, 1552.                                            Archbishop Parker's Visitation,  1560
Tudor Subsidy Rolls, 1523, 1544 and 1594                             Tudor Muster Rolls  1539, 1542, and 1569

With notes on each section by R. J. Saville                       A5  12pp     Price £2.00 plus postage and packing rate A

"Langton in Some 17th. Century Documents"

Memorial Court Roll, 1612                                               Return concerning the Protestation Oath, 1641
Hearth Tax Returns, 1662 - 4                                Calamay's Report on Langton's Congregational Minister 1662
Mention in diary of Celia Fiennes, c.1691

With notes on each section by R. J. Saville                    A5  16pp     Price £2.00 plus postage and packing rate A

"Langton in 19th. and 20th. Century Directories"

These Directories give a fairly good impression of what the Parish of Langton Matravers appeared to be like in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.   With some notes to correct errors in some earlier volumes.

A5  42pp                                                                Price £2.50 plus postage and packing rate A
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